Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some Fun videos and pics

I haven't posted anything for a long time, so I thought I would just put up pictures and videos instead of bore everyone with my words.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas!

The holidays are coming and we are excited! This will be Alastor's 3rd Christmas and probably the first one he will have vague memories of when he is older. So with that in mind we are trying to do better with the whole decorating thing this year. We probably won't have lights on the house just because things are so busy with work and my days off are full. Sandra really enjoys the Christmas tree and all the lights indoors, she seems pretty happy. Alastor loves the tree; every morning he gets up, runs into the front room and say "treee.." in almost a whisper, like it's sacred.
This is also the first year that we have been able to send out a Christmas card. it seemed appropriate since we have a bunch of kids and people are curious about what we are up to nowadays. I put the address to this blog in all of the cards so people can see what we have been doing and to motivate me to do work on this darn thing a lot more that once every few months.

Meghan's brothers dropped by for a surprise visit around Thanksgiving time, that was a real treat. It was like an early Christmas for Meghan. Alastor had a lot of fun playing guns and Sandra was just happy to see some new faces. We ate at a pizza buffet and ran them out of business! Not really.

Well if this blog is the only contact I have with you, have a great Holiday!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Long Overdue

Well Sandra came, almost seven months ago! It shows how quickly life becomes hectic when you have two kids when my blog comes to a grinding halt! Well here I am and it's time to play catch up!
About three weeks before Sandra was born Alastor was getting pretty darn sick, he was throwing up several times a day and all sorts of other stuff. the Doctors wanted to do a stool sample test (pray you never have to do that!!) and then a blood test after that. It seemed like they had no idea what was going on and just guessing. Turns out he had something nasty on his old toothbrush that he was re-exposing himself to every time he brushed his teeth. Needless to say we felt pretty stupid after that one. My Mom had come down to help out with Alastor while we got ready for Sandra to come along.
Sunday May 2, 2010 Meghan woke up with slight contractions. We decided to go to church and see how things turned out. After having my hand crushed almost the whole sacrament meeting I decided it was a good idea to go to the hospital. We got to the hospital about 4:00 pm and by 7:27 PM Sandra was here! It was so fast! The sun was still up and Mom was able to bring Alastor by to meet his sister the same day. It was so crazy to be done so quickly and have time to run to Arby's afterward!
The past six or so months have been rather good. The house is getting worked on more and more, the kids are getting bigger, Meghan is doing super as a Mom of two, and I'll be getting back into school in January. Alastor recently turned two this last October while we were on vacation in California. He had a great time going to zoo and bowling on his birthday. While in CA we also bought a new car from my friend Michael Jenkins. So now we are a two car having family of four! It does make me feel rather old sometimes.
Sandra is so big now! Her growth is above average in all areas except weight, which is just like her brother. She already has two teeth on the bottom and is sitting up on her own. She seems to have more of my personality when it comes to not napping, being hungry all the time and shouting a lot. Her newest trick is to shake her head from side to side like she is rocking out! She also has her tongue hanging out of her head all of the time, curling it up at the tip and smiling around it; not sure where she got that one from.
Alastor has been learning new words every day and has a vocabulary of well over 100 words. He recently said "Zombie!!" to me the other day. He's able to tell us what he wants most of the time unless he gets frustrated. When I come home from work he immediately says "Play!" which means Play video games! When I play my games Alastor says things like "Careful!" "Oh no!" or pounds his fist and says "Darn! darn!". I had to teach him that one so he would stop repeating what I said once in a fit of rage, teehee.
Overall, life is good and things are going well. Thanksgiving is coming up and the dreaded Black Friday is upon us over at Costco. So prepare you battle plans and bring it on!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sandra is almost here!

Well I figure I had better put something new on here before my daughter is born! She will be coming any day now and we are all excited about it! Alastor was feeling a little under the weather for a few weeks and we were beginning to become rather worried about him, but he has since recovered and is now back to his happy, silly self again.

I seem to have forgotten how to put pictures on here without then getting in the way and all that so hopefully things work out! My Mom is down to help out while we wait for Sandra to come. She has been very helpful with keeping Alastor occupied and happy while Meghan is able to relax. Finals are coming up this week, so hopefully we can get those taken care of before our new arrival!

Since moving to Springville things have been getting a lot better. Yes, the drive to work and school is a little longer but it is manageable. Having family close by is a real blessing. Dan and Candace have also been a great help when it comes to taking care of Alastor. He is walking, talking, and causing trouble nonstop! he is just a curious little guy wherever he goes. I really do enjoy watching him play (away from my stuff).

Meghan's brother Chad and my cousin Niels will be coming home from their missions in August. Chad will have a niece and nephew that he has never met! How cool is that. I am really excited to have my cousin home in order to have someone to play with.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Alastor's First Birthday!

Well it happened, ALastor turned one! AAAA! It was a rather fun and exciting day for him. Mom and Dad Workman sent him a big tonka style CAT truck that plays sounds and that he can ride around in and have all sorts of fun. We took it out for a spin and Alastor's little friend from across the street, Von, saw him and came over with his Mom to see Alastor's new toy. They both had fun and we talked with his mom, Sarah for a bit.

Mom and Dad Bunn sent Alastor a little table full of buttons and lights and songs. He really enjoys it. I couldn't put the legs on fast enough for him, he was squealing and chasing me while I was attempting to put it together. We were very happy to have such nice presents from Grandparents.
Great Grandma and Grandpa Alleman sent a card with some money to buy and new toy for ALastor as well. We got him a bucket with holes in it to put different shaped blocks into, it's amazing how well he does at matching the shapes with the holes.
Dan and Candace came over as well as our friend Evan Jed. They gave Alastor new PJ's with a pirate dog on them and a toothbrush!

Next came the cake. We gave ALastor a piece of All American Chocolate cake from Costco. He immediately knew what to do and dug right in. It was very cute and we took plenty of pictures.
Also, as you might guess from the picture below, we are having another baby! New baby is due in May and we will be finding out the gender in December. My family insists that it will be a girl, so we will have to see. I bought ALastor an outfit that says "Big Brother" on it that he will hopefully fit into once May comes along.
All in all it was a good birthday and we had a good time. It was weird to think back one year and remember the whole process of him coming into this world. Mostly I remembered how fast it was and how there was no pushing. The nurse told us that when we got ready to have a second child that we had better get to the hospital quick! I hope number 2 goes as well as Alastor did, but we are excited about it anyways.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Fall has fallen, and it is very cold. Work remains good, and this math class is working out rather well. I am pretty happy with my progress and I can see me passing this course, hooray! Future school is looking pretty good as well.

My co-workers Reed and Esther are looking into buying a home which has a basement apartment. They invited us to go over with them to check things out and see if we would be interested in living downstairs. WOw, it was amazing, it's more like a basement house! There would be three bedrooms, a storage room kitchen, bathroom, all that shabang. It was very impressive. They would be really good landlords and they told me that rent would be cheaper for us since they know us and wouldn't have to worry about walls being knocked over or anything like that.

It would be rather nice to live in a larger place to make room for more kids and more storage. I really liked it. They mean to do a bit of fixing up beforehand, so I'll keep an eye on it. We like our home here, but bigger is always better.

Alastor has been standing on his own more and more often and it is really exciting. I've never caught it on camera, but it really does happen! His babbling is sounding more purposeful and less experimentational. His grin is full of teeth and his hair is a bit shaggier (though not by much). He seems very happy to not be sick anymore and is probably excited for his birthday.We had Mom's birthday on the 30th, she got a lot of nice presents from her folks and mine, my presents were still in the mail on their way. Everything has since arrived and she is very pleased. Alastor loved opening the gifts and eating chocolate cake. Dan is in Pennsylvania doing work training, so we missed him. But Candace was able to come over to sing and eat cake.As for other news.....there is none. Oh well, more soon.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Repentance of the Blogger

Well here I am, repentant and ready to begin again. As of this post I am watching The Bucket List and it has inspired me to better myself when it comes to writing in this here blog. This might be the only way certain people receive updates on my little family. So heeeeere we go!

The last few months have been full of surprises, excitement, depression, disapointment and joy. I was afraid to lose my job, afraid to go to prison, I saw my son grow several teeth and learn to crawl. To put it shortly it has been life in general.

ALastor has been crawling all over the place lately, he can pull himself up onto chairs and is able to walk while holding my hand. He has taken several shaky steps but is nowhere near walking on his own. He grins almost as much as he cries (which is often) but his smiles always light up my day. He has finally been able to meet all of his Uncles on my side of the family. Uncle Chad has less than a year left on his mission in Beunos Aires. He is really looking forward to meeting Alastor. But if he keeps referring to him as "little Al" or "AL" i'm going to hide him away until he learns to call him by his proper name. Not a big deal but I don't want a habit formed.

Meghan has been doing great taking care of our little man. He has been getting into a good bit of trouble lately, so we have been baby-proofing out cabinets. She loves taking him out on walks and swinging in the front yard. She has gotten to know a large group of mothers in our culdesac, they are a very good source of parenting tips and babysitting.

Work has been good. I recently got a raise and have been working full-time for a few months now. It is hard work but I love being able to provide for my family. I have been drawing comics for our bi-monthly newsletter and they have been received pretty well.

I am currently taking a math course that should clear up all of my Math requirements for college in about eight weeks. Sounds too good to be true, but it has been good so far. Math and I are fickle friends but we'll have a temporary seize fire for the next six weeks. Once all of this hooflah is over with I will be taking (I hope) 3D design, History and perhaps Sculpting the Human Figure. And then Photography in the Spring. We'll see how things turn out, but I am excited to continue school!
Well well, this is turning out to be a lot easier than I thought. Good.